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Welcome to Video Poker Base, your home base for everything to do with the great game of Video Poker. If you're new to the game there's only one thing you should know, Video Poker is the best game in the casino. No, not because it's the most fun, though many would argue it is, but simply because it has the lowest house edge of any game whatsoever, including all of the table games!

It's a little more complicated than that of course, and not all of the video poker choices you see in front of you will have the best house edge, but you can learn to find the ones that do, in fact, there are a couple of games out there that don't have any house edge at all, and in fact return a tiny percentage to the player in the long run, they have a player expectation!

This site will introduce you to the game of video poker, and give you more bearings to work with than 90% of the people playing beside you in the casino. Take the video poker advice you receive from others in the casino with a grain of salt, there are many theories on these machines, but few facts worth knowing. The information for every video poker machine is revealed in the pay table, but the information isn't clear just from glancing at the pay table, you would have to do some hefty calculations to know if it was a good machine or a bad machine. Fortunately those calculations have been done for us ahead of time, so all we need to do is familiarize ourselves with some good pay tables for each style of machine that we enjoy, and then seek these out specifically in the casinos.

Online Video Poker is much the same as the casino versions. More so than you might even think, as all the machines in casinos are run by computers these days anyway. The subtle differences though are important to note, and as everything else in Video Poker, revolve around the pay tables you're presented with.

So I guess that pretty much does it. You are now going to have to surf the rest of this site in order to get your bearings straight with this new and excitting game video poker. Within these walls of pages that I have put together you will be more than ready for your first video poker experience. I hope the site proves to be both fun and educational.

The success of online pokies games

New Zealand's online casinos are very popular with Kiwi players, and recent innovations in casino online gaming technology have shown that New Zealand's online casino providers have every intention of aiming to please the customers. Although most traditional casino games do well in casino online formats, online pokies have managed to sustain a following so strong that it rivals the wild support of pokies in their original incarnation.

Just as the convenience of video pokies in pubs and clubs helped them rise to popularity over the last twenty years, the fact that online pokies are available to players in their own homes-- along with a host of other entertaining casino online games—has no doubt had an impact on at home players' decisions to try their luck at online pokies.

Virtual online pokies games are almost identical to offline pokies and will surely look familiar to anyone who has ever had a chance to play video pokies. Along with increased variety, many online pokies players are drawn to the game by some of the many perks that online slot games may offer, such as themed play and special jackpots, casino bonus opportunities, and the chance to win the jackpot of a lifetime by participating in progressive online pokies tournaments.

Become An Online Poker Star

Some people dream of becoming movie stars, athletes, or business executives, but cultural cynics claim that this dream is, as they say, “a sell out,” superficial pursuit, pointing to reality TV shows and over-inflated athlete endorsement deals. There is a multi-million dollar industry devoted to making a profit of off these peoples’ particular aspirations. In the business world, giant corporations employ middle professional management conferences to book expensive inspirational speakers and productivity consultants in an attempt to inspire people to earn more money in their everyday lives. If those once simple dreams are starting to sound a little bit convoluted, that may be because the reasoning behind “improvement training conference workshops” is inherently flawed. The only way to get better at something is to practice it repeatedly, studying your mistakes all the while.

The logical path of a poker star’s career, in contrast, is comparatively straightforward: learn the craft and then practice, study, practice some more, gain confidence, practice more, and so on. Serious players see quick improvement in their skill levels as a direct result of constant practice and attentive study.

The world of poker online is a rapidly expanding empire for online casinos like Ultimate bet Poker, but one of the most exciting results of the online gaming revolution is the increase in gaming news coverage and resources. Self-directed and community minded online poker fans have created all purpose, game-specific news sources, such as, in order to keep gaming enthusiasts well-informed as they navigate through the vast world of online gaming.

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