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You can play video poker online, or you can play video poker at your local casino, either way, you likely want to be able to play on your computer at any time you wish, either for money, or completely for fun. This page of video poker software pieces together a sampling of both free video poker games and video poker software that allows you to play for real money.

Don't get too confused though, some of the best free play video poker software around is put out by the real online casinos themselves. They obviously want you to try their software in the hopes that you'll enjoy it more than the competition, and should you ever want to play for real money, perhaps theirs will be the software you choose.

The choice is up to you however. We have our own free video poker game that can be played in your browser, and includes a realistic bankroll so that you can practice your strategy appropriately without risking any real money. But for some people, it's all about the graphics and sound, and if this sounds like you then all we can recommend is that you try one of the 'real' casinos listed below, but just play for free. All of the casinos listed on this page offer their real video poker game as a free version, complete with graphics, sound, and all the pizzazz of the real game. To find out if the odds on the free versions are identical to the odds on their real game, we recommend that you give the casinos a call and ask their customer service representatives.

Grand Online Casino - The Grand Online is one of the longest running online casinos on the Internet. With that distinction comes a great deal of faith that this is an upstanding member of its community, couple that with a great video poker game or ten, and you have a very visitable online casino.

Golden Palace Online Casino - The Golden Palace online casino is likely one of the most famous Internet based casinos in the world. They have a distinct brand of advertising, showing up on boxers backs in matches, on streakers backs who run through major sporting events, and even on places like the Howard Stern radio show. If you haven't heard of them before, you have now. The video poker at Golden Palace is quite good.
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