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Video Poker Tips

If you are new to video poker there is nothing better than getting a few quick tips in before you sit down. A couple poker tips can go a long way in order to keep you playing and not watching. From just a couple of simple little guideline rules and suggestions you will enjoy the game much more.

Poker Tip 1 - Seek out Jacks or better machines that pay 9 coins for a full house and six coins for a flush.

Poker Tip 2 - Always bet the maximum amount of coins on a progressive machine to get the bonus for royal flushes.

Poker Tip 3 - If you are a novice player, play on the lowest denomination machine until your level of expertise rises.

Poker Tip 4 - Take your time to study every hand. Because you are playing against a machine, no one will intimidate you if your play is too slow.

Poker Tip 5 - All hail the Jack! Some players don't realize the ace is not the most important card in the deck, but the Jack is. Holding the Jack over the ace gives you more opportunities of making more lucrative hands than an ace would.

Other Video Poker Tips

  • Never keep a kicker with any pair. Holding a kicker to any pair reduces your return by 5%.
  • Never draw four cards if you can draw three to a royal flush.
  • Always keep five-card winning pat hands with on exception: if you can, draw one card to a royal.
  • Don't break a flush even if you can draw one to a straight flush, but always break a flush to draw to a royal.
  • Never break a straight to draw to a straight flush.
  • Never draw five if you have a jack or better.
  • Don't keep a ten for a four card draw.
Video poker tips should be used to aid you in your playing. Knowing them will benefit you, but they are not the end all be all. If you are using these video poker tips, or have any suggestions for some more video poker tips then email me.
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